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 Through centuries people have created hundreds of stories for kids. There are books about mythical creatures, about real life situations. There are also books that are very enlightening. Nowadays, because of the literacy, adults and kids can enjoy them and feel the spirit of bygone ages.


 There are children’s books about many different kinds of things. Some of the stories are about fictional worlds while others take place in our world. There are brilliant books about friendship and some of the most important human values. When we read kids books we go to a completely different universe. We find ourselves in a world where everything is beautiful, where the good always win.  We have the opportunity to experience the adventures along with the main characters. This can get us out of the everyday problems and make us feel considerably better. Children must be encouraged to read books because of some main reasons. Through books they can develop their literacy and imagination. They are also given very important advices about the life. In addition, the positive heroes in the books can give our kids very good model of behavior and give them inspiration to fulfill their dreams.


  Now let look at some of the best selling kids books. There are some very old stories for children like Arabian Night and Aesop’s Fables, written before two millenniums. Big part of the most well-known children books today were written during the period 18th-20th century. But no matter when they were created, there are books that are read by thousands of people from all over the world. Books that stood the test of time and became eternal. Very good examples of such novels are The Three Musketeers, by Alexander Dumas, and Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift. There are dozens of films and theatrical interpretations about them.


 Others very famous books are Chronicles of Narnia. It is series of seven novels written by Clive Staples Lewis between 1949 and 1954. The main characters in the novels are four children, which are brothers and sisters. They get into the magical land Narnia through the wardrobe in their house. Novels are very interesting and are filled with epic adventures and battles. In recent years three movies about Narnia were released. Chronicles of Narnia are one of the best books for kids.

 It seems that most of the adults read children’s books with the same zeal as their children. Hobbit, written in 1937, is one of the many examples that prove it. Its author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien sends us in a fictitious country called Middle Earth. There you trace the story of one peaceful and calm hobbit named Bilbo Begins sent on a very dangerous adventure. Hobbit is really fascinating book that has inspired and keeps inspiring many authors.


  In conclusion, I want to say that I think the literature have a very significant role in our development as individuals. Because of that children have to be encouraged to read books. Since their first steps in reading, they must be given the chance to explore and enjoy the beautiful worlds created by the authors over the years.

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